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Company introduction

  • Introduction

    Having set up in 2007, throughout 10 years of experience, Mắt Vàng Company has constantly improved itself and gone on become the best company in the field of printed gifts and manufacturing of gas stoves, home appliances and electrical appliances. About the printed gift items the company is committed to bring customers the products with the best quality, diverse designs and reasonable price. About the household products, the company promises for consistent producing in accordance with the standards stated and fully meet the quality requirements as well as the designs.

  • Factories

    Mắt Vàng Company now has two factories with skilled workers who are ready to meet orders quickly and ensure the progress and time of customers aimed at not only giving our customers a maximum satisfaction but also creating an absolute confidence about us in customers.

  • Going global

With the target not only to meet domestic demand for consumption and trading, Mắt Vàng Company is also reaching out to the region with partners from Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia ... Mắt Vàng is committed to hold firmly the position as a leading home appliance company as well as creating the best gift products for the partners. In addition, Mắt Vàng will always explore, learn and develop models and product quality to meet the maximum needs and tastes of the customers.