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Experience of buying and using gas stoves effectively and economically

The experience of choosing and using gas stoves effectively and economically is one of the issues that most housewives care about. Life is being improved, the need to use gas stoves to save time and get convenience is also increasing. Although there are many types of stoves, gas stoves are still the most popular. Let’s read the experience of buying and using gas stoves most efficiently and economically.

With outstanding features such as instantaneous heat supply (and instantaneous off-set), it can be used with most cookware, pots and pans, adjustable flame (heat) accurately, visually and cook food at a very high temperature, gas stove is the top choice of housewives.  However, experience to buy and use gas stove effectively and economically is not known by everyone.

Let's have a good time to find out how to choose the gas stove and the safest way to use it!

Choosing a good gas stove with efficient use, saving is the desire of the housewife

Experience of buying gas stove

Nowadays, there are many types of gas stove with different prices. Price of gas stove ranges from 2 million per unit depending on the size, material and burner technology. The gas stoves have many types with 2-burner, 3-burner or 4-burner. You should choose the kitchen suitable for the area of your kitchen. For example, with the small kitchen you should choose to buy 2-burner gas stove. 


The method of using gas stove safely and economically

Gas stoves can be used for all kinds of cookers, but in order to use them safely and economically, you should not use a large bottom cooker on a mini gas stove, as the large bottom cooker may cause the fire to collapse. Gas is not safe for the user, do not use the pot is too thick base for cooking gas stove, because it will consume large gas.

You should choose the right type of pot for gas stove for gas savings.

In addition, the housewife should not cook too long and continuous for a long time on the gas stove. Because, when cooking continuously for long periods of time, the temperature of the flame will affect the gas so that the pressure in the flask increased, leading to the explosion of the gas.

To save gas, housewives should prepare food to cook for each dish, then cook constantly to avoid the burner becoming cold and turn it back to cook another. If you turn on the burners many times the kitchen it will consume gas. Furthermore, adjust the fire so that the bottom of the pot touches a third of the fire. Avoid the flames surrounding the body of the pot as it will waste energy around in vain. When cooking, the flame should be adjusted for the bottom of the pot touches a third of the fire. 

When cooking, the flame should be adjusted for the bottom of the pot touches a third of the fire. 

Do not place the gas stove in a place with high wind or blow of the fan towards the gas stove when cooking. Adjust the wind so that the best gas burning effect (enough air to burn off gas, observe the fire is green at the top and do not smell gas when cooking).

Some issues that consumers should also note that are not to use too old gas stove too, also need to check periodically or replace a new gas stove. Since the start of using up to about 5 years is the average time you need to change strings. However, this period is also dependent on the environment, as well as the on-demand use and advice of staff.

When a gas leak occurs: For gas consumers who use a tube house and close the door if a gas leak occurs when you are standing near the stove or using the stove, you must immediately shut off the gas tank and switch off.  Then open the door, open the window. If you are not using the stove or standing near the doors, windows you must open doors quickly and try to close the gas tank. Hand fans can be used to quickly reduce the concentration of gases in the air below the fire limit. Absolutely do not perform any action that can cause sparks, such as turning the power on, turning off or off electrical appliances such as contact, circuit breaker, aptomat, electric fan, etc. including cell phones.

Finally, people must quickly get out of the gas smell area, the risk of fire, explosion. Call the store, the gas agent sent staff to check and handle.

Note when buying gas

One of the issues that ensure the safe use of gas stoves is that consumers should buy gas cylinders at the stores, the official dealer of gas companies. In addition, when buying gas you have to check the mucous membrane, anti-counterfeit stamp is still taken on the gas bottle valve.
In addition, you must check on the bottoms of gas stamping the name of the gas brand, the word engulfed on the handle of the gas bottle coincides with the brand name printed on the body of gas to ensure genuine gas.

Because of the fact that some small companies are occupying the bottles of famous brands, then honing embossed letters and painting the gas bottle of their brands. The shell which is grinded will be thin and increase the risk of gas leakage, reduce the pressure of the gas can be explosive combustion. 

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